Inside century old Medici workshops, a creative symbiosis between artists, craftsmen, stone seekers, and color assemblers emerged. Precisely cut and color-matched individual stones were arranged to create a perfect composition of unique and complex mosaics, referred to as a “painting in stone” (pittura di pietra).For centuries these timeless masterpieces from the heart of Florence have decorated the halls of cathedrals, roman villas and palaces around the world.

A combination of typical Tuscan stones such as quartzite, granite, marble and limestone are combined with lapis lazuli, malachite, agate and turquoise to help create the pictorial scenes inspired by practically everything under the sun. Employing a century old technique, the artists use curved chestnut or cherry wood branches strung with a wire to cut each tiny piece. This enables them to achieve the most complicated shapes with maximum precision.

We are delighted to feature these incredible works of art, created by the expert hands of master craftsmen Renzo and Leonardo Scarpelli. Father and son have almost 60 years of combined Florentine mosaic work experience. Their family manufactory, „Le Pietre nell’ Arte“, has achieved world famous success selling their artwork to collectors and admirers throughout Europe, the U.S., South America, the Middle East, and China.