Always driven by creativity and a love of nature, Perry Brent Davis’s early studies of design led him to work in the medium of jewelry. Eventually, inspired by the beauty of the gemstones he used, he focused his artistic interest on that aspect of his occupation and in 1980 received a graduate degree in gemology from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California. Perry Davis’s work has been seen in numerous publications and exhibitions around the US, China and Europe.

With an artists eye and a gemologist’s knowledge of the stone, Perry works with his team of master carvers in China to conceive and craft one-of-a kind pieces that represent a substantial fusion of Eastern and Western sculptural styles, with the highest level of attention to detail resulting in perfectly polished surfaces, even straight lines and flowing curves. Each stone is unique, some containing patterns and colours that can only be revealed by carefully and purposefully removing the surface skin.