„I like to work with stained glass, but I like to bring fossils there too. I pioneered in using ammonites with stained glass, a very careful process with many challenges, but the results are amazing.“ – Konstantin Soyfer

Realizing the challenges of incorporating ammonites into stained glass, Konstantin overcame the obstacles to create something entirely unique and magical. His ammonite Tiffany Lamps are the result of a beautiful blend of artistry and engineering. Such as his popular „Moon“ lamp, entitled by his wife. The „Moon“ lamp consists of two panels, each formed with 26 hand-cut ammonites, bowing in the middle of each side. The two panels practically touch in the center with 12 mm (1/2 inch) distance. His clever invention known as ‚the zipper‘ allows you to take the piece apart if necessary. These complex and fascinating designs cast an enlightening glow to every room.