I personally feel obligation towards this tradition of engraving that goes far beyond the workings of Richard Hahn and August Rudolf Wild”, says Andreas Roth and goes on: “In the future, I would like to proceed with the evolved tradition of artistic craftwork from my native region.“

Andreas Roth acquired his gemstone carving skills in his father’s workshop in Idar-Oberstein. After several years of experience he gained his Master’s Degree in in the art of gemstone carving in 1999. His natural talent earned him the German title in the youth craftsmanship competition in 1993, and began his excellent international career. His success and renowned reputation lead to the display of his work in Japan and special exhibitions in Israel and Munich, just to mention a few.

Dieter and Andreas Roth, father and son, are both master engravers of gemstones, who are not only specialized in the manufacturing of larger and smaller cameos but also in crafting modern, antique and classic gems, as well as portrait engravings, intaglios and articles and objects crafted in gemstones.