McCarty has been an exhibiting artist since the 1970’ s and earned a Master’s Degree of Science in Visual Studies from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1989.

Patterns known as fractals are a natural progression of internal forces under pressure, finding a way to merge or release. Jerry McCarty has been expressing his insights of the fractal phenomena as a single stoke on canvas, an emerging wooden spine in the Laminate series, and as welded metal sculptures using tetrahedrons as building blocks. For him the tetrahedron is the smallest and strongest form with the most diverse potential for directional change of any natural design.


As a Tucson local, Spencer charters his creative expression through his business, Arkane Arts Studios. There he uses his creative freedom to produce fascinating structures like luminous crystals, amazing astrolabes, and a line of fascinating artifacts inspired by science and biological studies.

Spencer’s creations represent mystical and complex designs found in the natural world. His use of steel, bronze and precious metals allow him to make realistic representations of these natural designs. Such as biological formations from the desert in Arizona, beautifully articulated sea urchins from our deep waters, and a new take on trilobites from the prehistoric world.


„The jaguar is a live representation of both myth and the balance that is needed in nature.“

Pat Frederick

The sculptor of the largest endangered cat in northern America is Pat Frederick, retired veterinarian. Pat uses her artistic talent in combination with her passion for animals as a mechanism for building attention to several protection projects for the Jaguars; The Northern Jaguar Project and the Sky Island Alliance. She hopes her sculptures give us a glimpse of what might disappear and encourage the desire to help save the balance. All profits will be donated to efforts in protecting these mystical and illusive creatures.