The Dreher family legacy was born in a small town with a long history in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Taking part of a 600-year gemstone carving tradition, the House of Dreher has earned a reputation for creating some of the most famous and collectable animal carvings in the world.

During the mid-twentieth century, the family gained recognition with Hermann Dreher’s independent work for the St. Petersberg design house, Fabergé. He sourced Jasper and agates from the local mines and from Brazil, and worked with his own individual concepts and methods.


The art of animal gemstone carving was honorably passed down through the family generations since the 1800’s. We are proud to present the work of Gerd and Patrick Dreher, 4th and 5th generation master carvers. Their work is a mastery of highly realistic hand crafted animals, universally enjoyed for their personality, detail, and source of material.

The ‚Queen of Toads‘ is one fine example; 6,666 Carats of gem quality Brazillian tourmaline, carved out of a single piece, displaying up to 13 colors. This and many others are representations of the myriad of works spanning the animal kingdom, that embody the tradition and timelessness of the Dreher manufactory. So sought after, most of Dreher’s carvings have found their way into private collections and museums around the world.

From an intriguing piece of rough material, you can commission your own one-of-kind Dreher carving. Allow a new specimen to take shape and steal your heart with it’s own individual personality. Through the generosity of various private collectors, their extensive works will be be highlighted at the Granada Gallery in a unique assemblage throughout the year.